Kaukasische Herdershond

Kaukasische Herdershond

The Caucasion Shepherd Dog is a very strong dog with massive bones and strong muscles. Male Dog reach a shoulderhight from 65 cm up to 70 cm, the female ones are mostly round about between 60 and 67 cm high. The female Caucasian Shepherd Dog shall be obiously smaller and more graceful, so the gender form is evidently visible. The Caucasion Shepherd Dog's head is massive with wide skull, stronly developed cheekbones, wide, flat forehead that shows a flat furrow and a little stop.

The fang is compared to the skull shorter, not sharpened and there are strong, dry and close lying lips. The dog's nose is big, wide and black. If the dog is white or light yellow a brown nose is accepted. The ears of the Caucasion Shepherd Dog are highly set. As dark as possible must be the small, oval and deep lying eyes. Especially important is the complete scissors set of teeth with big, white teeth. Its strong, short neck is not worn high and follows the muscular withers, whose upper line is straight. The wide, deep chest is a little bit round. The wide, long croup must not fall down, whereas the tail is highly set and reaches until the ankle joints and is worn hanging down. The coup is also sickle-shaped or hooked or curled possible. The front legs are standing parallel. Seen from aside, the shoulder blade is looking at an angle of round about 100° to the upper leg. The back legs are mostly parallel aswell, if you are looling from behind. Looking from the side they are curved in the knee joint, with short lower leg and strong ankle joints. The back middle foot is strong and set vertically. The Caucasion Shepherd Dog has got big, oval and compact paws, which are well closed. Its hair is smooth with strong developed unterwool. At the head and the front legs the hair is shorter and close to the body.
Refering to the fur, the Caucasion Shepherd Dog is divided in three groups:
1. Long-haired dogs. With them the hair forms at the neck a mane. The paws show flags, trousers; the tail is bushy.
2. Short-haired dogs. They have short, simple hair. The mane, flags and trousers and the bushy tail are missing.
3. Mixed type. These dogs own middle long hair, but mane, flags and trousers and bushy tail are missing.

All Caucasion Shepherd Dogs are the colour, pale grey, light red, yellow, white, grey-brown and in this colours piebald, striped or mottled. The movings of this pet are usually slowly, but free and fluently. Characteristal is a short trot, which can become by speeding up a fast gallop.
The Caucasion Shepherd Dog is extremely agressive, fierce against strangers and with big readiness to defend. It is a breed which is unbalanced, besides big agression we also find shy and anxious puppies in a litter.
The Caucasion Shepherd Dog is an already long existing breed, that were kept by the farmers exlusively for defending their herds against wolves, bears and rubbers. This is still obvious today. This pet is not to be kept in flats in any case. You should be careful in handling with children. The imposant, very fast acting dog just belongs to people who know dogs very well. It needs a strong hand, but never looses its independency. Puppies need early, strict care and socialisation to all strange. A consequent education and much understanding for its nature is necessary. It is a very good watchdog, no dog for cities or sporty human beings.

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