The Eurasian dog was developed in the 1960s by a German breeder called Julius Wipfel. Initially, he crossed Wolfspitz and Chow Chow to create a companion dog with wolf-like characteristics. Later, he added the blood line of Samoyed to reduce the problems caused by inbreeding and improve its attitude.

Physical Attributes

The males weigh between 23kg to 32kg and have a height range of 20-24 inches. The female weight ranges from 18kg to 26kg with a height range of between 16 inches to 18 inches. It has a very thick undercoat with a fairly long and flat outer coat. The colour of the coat can be red, fawn, black, wolf grey and tan.


With their quiet, dignified and friendly demeanour, Eurasian dogs are excellent human companions. They are also very playful and gentle. These two qualities enable them to easily form strong bonds with children. However, they are shy and reserved before strangers without necessarily being timid. In fact, they loathe strangers petting them.

With their families, they show intense loyalty and affection. They are most comfortable when playing with family members.

Given their watchfulness, they are excellent when used as watchdogs. With their intelligence, they can easily differentiate a non-real threat from a real threat. Whenever, they bark, it is always for a very good reason. Often, they bark when they encounter unfamiliar things.


Most of the good qualities of these breeds need a lot of training to develop. This training should start when they are still young for effective outcome. It should also be done consistently and involve canine communication by family members. The training cannot be effective if it is done irregularly and by strangers. This is because Eurasian dogs are usually very uncomfortable before people they are not used to.

Done well, the training should be simple and fast since they quickly learn things because of their great intelligence. However, they easily get bored when the training is repetitive. In addition, they respond poorly to ruthless forms of discipline. This is because of their very sensitive nature. It is, therefore, important that even as you maintain firmness with them, you avoid harsh reprimands. However, this avoidance of harsh reprimands should not become meekness. Often, they become stubborn when they realize that the owner shows signs of passiveness and meekness.


Eurasian dogs get depressed when confined in enclosed rooms for long a long period. For this reason, it is important that they live in spacious rooms where they can spend most of their time with their family. They also need to have regular physical exercises. A good example of such exercises is long walks. These walks should be done on a daily basis either with the owner leading them or walking beside them. In addition to these daily walks, build for them an enclosed area that is safe for running as they are very playful and love running around.

With regards to their health, they usually don't have serious genetic related health problems. With a lifespan of 11 to 14 years, most live out these years without ever having a health problem. However, this does not mean that they cannot suffer from common ailments that affect dogs. They too can get infected with ailments like hypothrydoism and hip dysplasia. That is why it is important that you carry out regular medical check-ups for these diseases as well as others like ectropion and entropion which affect their eyelashes and eyelids.

Apart from regular medical check-ups, it also important that they get brushed regularly especially during Autumn and Spring shedding time.

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