Pugs are easily recognisable small dogs with a distinctive short snub nose and a classic under-bite. They are stocky animals, with short, thick coats and short curly tails. They are popular with owners, partly due to the prevalence of pugs in popular culture and partly due to the affectionate and sociable nature of the dogs themselves.

Pugs are believed to have originated in the Orient, where small, snub-nosed dogs were very popular. The breed was carried to the Netherlands by vessels associated with the Dutch East India Trading Company as early as the 1500s, where it rapidly gained popularity with the royal house of the time. From this affinity with the royals, pugs were seen as being a symbol of royalist patriotic devotion, almost the polar ‘opposite’ of the keeshond which was more associated with ‘commoner’ patriots. Fondness for the breed slowly spread across Europe and even reached the British royal family when William III came to the throne. Napoleon once attempted (on their wedding night) to ban his...

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