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Thai Ridgeback

Until recently, the Thailand Ridgeback was unknown in the UK and was found almost exclusively in its native country. Today there are a number of examples of the breed in Europe and elsewhere and it is classified by FCI as a “Primitive Type Hunting Dogs with a ridge on the back, without working trial”. It is also recognised by a number of other international canine authorities, but remains unrecognised by KCC. Clever, independent and highly agile, these intriguing animals make rewarding yet challenging pets that require a competent and experienced owner to bring out the best in them.


The Ridgeback gets its name from the crest of hair which runs contrary to the rest of its coat and is located down its spine. The crest may have whorls and circles in it. It is a medium sized dog, around 22” at the shoulder, with a short, thin coat and extremely muscular body. Ears are triangular and the tail is carried high in the air. Generally it is recognised that the coat should be a single colour, although most colours are permitted, including fawn, blue, black and red.


These are feisty dogs that have a long history of roaming freely in packs, living off waste from human habitation as well as any carrion or small animals they could find. As most breeding has...

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